A large domestic rolling stock operator PTC Operator increases the volume of transportation of light petroleum products from domestic refineries.

In August 2022, a record amount of diesel fuel was transported – 486,011 tons.

The average monthly shipments of PTC Operator diesel fuel to the domestic market last year averaged 396,529, and this year this figure amounted to 434,006 tons of diesel fuel. In August 2022, the company shipped a record volume of 486,011 tons of diesel fuel.

According to the PTC Operator, 10,000 tank cars are currently involved on domestic routes by its forces alone.

A total of 12,027 tank cars are managed by PTC Holding (the parent company of PTC Operator). The company invests annually in the purchase of new tanks. At the same time, not only the required number of wagons is provided, but also their operability. In 2019-22, PTC Holding invested more than 14.5 billion tenge in the repair of the park. The company incurs serious expenses so that the tank fleet, which is designed to provide transportation within the country, is in constant good condition. All repairs of tank cars are carried out exclusively at domestic car repair plants.

Over the past 3 years, PTC Holding has been investing in the development of transit container transportation. In order to increase the throughput and processing capacity between Kazakhstan and China, projects worth 23.5 billion tenge have been implemented at Dostyk station for the construction of 2 stages of the multifunctional Dostyk transhipment terminal with a capacity of 360 thousand containers (in 20-foot equivalent) per year, as well as railway infrastructure with a length of 13 km. The unique terminal allows container trains to be processed using “through” technology. The receiving and forwarding tracks are located there outside the main track of JSC NC KTZ, connecting to it through a new siding.

The railway infrastructure includes a new station, which will be transferred to the ownership of JSC NC KTZ, and track development, reducing the load on the infrastructure of Dostyk station, which as a result allows increasing the volume of transit container traffic. To increase the speed of cargo traffic during container transshipment, PTC Holding purchased 4 shunting locomotives and 600 80-foot fitting platforms and are used in the border area for the purpose of increasing the volume, reliability and stability of transit traffic.
JSC NC KTZ is a reliable partner of PTC Holding in the implementation of all plans. This cooperation is a positive example of effective private investment to solve public problems.

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